Jun 28, 2012


We're moving! Not far, just upstairs. Another studio opened up (supposedly) that is a teeny bit bigger and has a sink in the kitchen (pure luxury). I say supposedly because we found this out a month ago but have still yet to move. We are just waiting for the go ahead from our property management company. There happens to be lots of beautiful windows with ocean views. So I've been dreaming of a few upgrades and redecorating. Nothing major, just "getting ideas." ;-)

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Jun 25, 2012

Manic Monday: Originality

I once had one of my college professors tell me that nothing is new and that you only get new fashion with new technology. In spite of that, I do think that there are those who have original style. They take inspiration from the past and put there own spin on it. Kate Moss. Alexa Chung. Agyness Deyn. So here is to those with style and being an original.

By Anthony Burrill

Jun 22, 2012

The Final Countdown

By 3 or 4 today I will be on the open traffic road heading to Palm Springs. Bobby is gone, my Dad is off to family reunion. Momma and I will be soaking up the sun, thrifting away and checking out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. See ya on what is sure to be a very Manic Monday!
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Jun 18, 2012

Manic Monday: My Heart

Today my Husband leaves for 12 days. It is not the longest we have been apart, but the longer we are together, the harder it is. Funny how you get used to someone being around, the routine of daily life. But with our 6th wedding anniversary in July, it makes me truly appreciate the man I'm married to. Hurry home Bobby, I love you.
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Jun 4, 2012

Return of Manic Mondays!

The return of Manic Mondays! With everything going on lately, this is the perfect one to start us off. So much holds me back from enjoying things to the fullest sometimes or taking advantage of amazing opportunities. Thankfully I have an incredible support system of my husband, family & faith that motivates me to keep on going. So here's to creativity and Manic Mondays!