Apr 27, 2011

Sister's Birthday and a little DIY

Not only do I get really excited for MY birthday but I get equally excited for my sister's birthday!! This year my Momma wanted to plan a special surprise dinner for her. Kimmy flew down for the weekend (her birthday is April 17) and on the evening of her birthday we surprised her at dinner with her closest friends. The only sad part was that her husband was unable to make it, he had to work. Along with the surprise Momma had the great idea to do cake pops as her birthday cake. She wanted a stand to hold all of them so we headed to Michael's. After some wandering the isles looking for inspiration we finally collected our supplies. Here are a few pics from the night and the process of building the cake pop stand!

Apr 25, 2011

To Grandmother's House I Went

Have you guys ever heard that song? "Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go!" My dear Momma used to sing that to me. It has always remained in my memory. Last week some of my cousins came to California for a visit and we met at my grandparents house. I love going to their house. I have so many happy memories of summers spent in their garden. Grandma always gives me some of her flowers from her garden when they are in bloom. I came home with a car full of sweat peas and lilacs. They make our little studio smell so good and look beautiful.

Apr 23, 2011

Style Post: I want to be Dagny Taggart

Top by Free People, gift
Linen Pants by Joie via Nordstrom Rack
Sandals by Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack
Sunnies by Free People via Free People Store
Earrings by Leah Sakellarides, gifted from designer
Wrap Bracelet by Gorjana via Saffron Boutique
Saints Bracelets via Architectural Relics

If you don't know who Dagny Taggart is, FIND OUT! So I had 5 other outfits for my train ride south for Sister's birthday. On the day of, none of them worked out. Except for this one. It was a warm beautiful day and I just wanted to be comfortable in color. Thus this top and white linen pants. In hindsight I don't know if this is my best style post. But the goal of this blog is not to give an image of who I want to be but who I am, to be authentically me. That includes less than blog worthy outfits. When I looked at the photos I felt like my shoes looked goofy with the pants and maybe the top was too "blousey" with the pants. But I didn't want to wear jeans and couldn't find a skirt or dress that I wanted to wear!. C'est la vie! I enjoyed my train ride regardless. ;-)

Apr 17, 2011

On The Hunt: Bohemian Chic

WOW! Didn't think I would see bohemian chic again for a long time. But as they say in fashion, "Everything old is new again." I remember taking a class when I studied abroad in Paris (cue my sister making fun of me, she thinks I bring up living in Paris too much), but my class was about trend forecasting. At the time, Boho Chic was in full swing thanks to Sienna Miller. My professor made it very clear that trends swing in wide pendulums of opposites. I remember thinking, "I'll never repeat that trend again." Well spring is here and I'm desperate for maxi skirts, feathers in my hair, and a long floral dress to get me through summer weddings and parties. Here are some that I'm currently on the hunt for.

Nicole Ritchie in her own label, Winter Kate

H&M Floral Maxi
Winter Kate Halter

Theory Maxi

Apr 15, 2011

Style Post: Spring Stripes

Sunnies by H&M
Watch via Ideeli, gift
Necklace by Anthropologie
Tee by Trouve via Nordstrom
Blazer by Urban Outfitters, gift
Shoes by J.Crew, gift
 Handbag by Alexander Wang, gift
(Lots of gifts in today's outfit, I must have a very thoughtful Momma and fashionable Santa!)

So I was really excited about this style post! I think the pictures turned out well and my outfit just sorta happened. But then I started to write about it, nothing fabulous or clever today guys. I can tell you we went to church, had lunch at In-N-Out, then came home for a nap. Nice little Sunday. Maybe its because I was starting to panic getting ready for church, feeling like I had nothing to wear and then I just put this on. Putting my clothes on took all my words, bummer. At least I felt like I looked cute and I got some compliments on my necklace at church!

Apr 13, 2011

Modern Romance

Modern Romance is my new employer! After 5 years at Rebel I was ready for a change and a new opportunity. I found that at Modern Romance. Theresa, the owner, just opened her second location a year ago and is busy trying to get a website (modernshopgirl.com) off the ground! I'm so excited to be apart of this growing company. Modern Romance carries so many great lines like Michael Stars, Splendid, J Brand, Ella Moss, Bailey 44, Chan Luu, the list could go on and on! Although my exact title is undefined at the moment, I will be the resident blogger, helping to run the website, assisting with bookkeeping, and filling in on the sales floor! I thought I would share with you all about each location.

First stop Aliso Viejo location, the newest one. It sits on a corner of a busy and bustling strip (for lack of a better word) mall. There is a movie theater nearby, Barnes & Noble, and great restaurants like Opah. All in all a prime location for a hip boutique like Modern Romance. Take a peek inside and stop by if you are ever in the area!

Apr 11, 2011

Style Post: Lazy Saturday

 Top by Vince via Rebel
Tank by J. Crew via J.Crew Outlet
Jeans by AG via Rebel
Shoes by Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace by Relics, gifted

Lazy Saturday and Girls Night should be the real title, but it seemed not quite as succinct. Last Saturday after the Seal Beach Run (Husband ran the 5K and got 5th in his age group!) we were both tired and lazy for obvious reasons. ;-) We got lunch, ran some errands, and then headed to a friend's place in downtown Long Beach. Bobby off to play poker with the boys and me to drink wine and laugh with the girls. The day called for something comfortable yet put together. Although this Vince circle top doesn't photograph as it should, I always feel stylish in its unusual shape and soft jersey. Here's to more girls nights and comfortable clothes!

Apr 9, 2011

On The Hunt April 2011

With renewed purpose and a lot more time I have returned to blogging. In addition I have decided to add a "feature" I guess you would call it, On The Hunt. My goal is to do it at least monthly and eventually a weekly feature. It will include anything and everything that I'm on the hunt for. Here it goes...

I have been lusting over organization and office supplies lately. In a small space it is a necessity to be extremely organized. When I received my April issue of Dwell, I flipped for the organizational wall unit on the front. After perusing the magazine and some internet research I discovered Uten.Silo by Vitra. It could be mine for a bargain basement price of $350. Dang. I was already dreaming of everything that I could organize in those cute little cubbies. So I'm on the hunt for some sort of alternative, whatever that might be. 

Photo from the Vitra Site
 Next item I think I'm hunting for is a vintage dress form. The reason I'm not sure is it all depends if I can find a suitable alternative to the above organizer. But I think the dress form would add a nice vintagey touch to the studio. I would store all my Relics jewelry on it...and dream of owning more Relics. All I need for this hunting item is $495! Check out this bit of perfection from Etsy.

Photo and Dress from plainandelegant on Etsy
I may be a bit late on the oxford trend, but I am still on the hunt for a grey pair at a reasonable price. I might be persuaded to purchase brown, but not black. I think they would look so darling with some of my girly dresses and skirts. This pair by Frye is nearly perfect except for the price tag, although not outrageous for a pair of shoes, definitely out of my price range for now.

Photo from Frye

Now that I no longer work at Rebel (details on my new position and employer to come!) it is a lot more difficult to increase my modest collection of Vince. I will now need to hunt for a more budget friendly versions of the following. (From Shopbop.com)

Final hunting item is a clear plastic bag. What!?!? Yes its true. I need one for work. We are only allowed to bring in clear bags for security reasons. Not safety security but theft security, which is pretty SOP at most stores. Anyways...most of the bags look like little old lady bags. The type where the little old lady thought, "How cute and funny if everyone could see the weird stuff I carry around in my purse!" In an effort to avoid those kinds I discovered this beauty via this blog. Now I am praying for a ebay knockoff because there is no way for me to justify a $135 plastic bag to my husband.

Photo from HERE