Nov 23, 2011

Design Challenged

So I picked out a Christmas card design for Bobby and I back in October. Early I know, but I didn't want to be stressed come the holidays. When I went to order and pay for them, I realized I was spending almost $100 on Christmas cards! That is NOT in the Klein budget. So I went on the hunt for cheaper Christmas cards with great design. I scoured Walmart, Target, Vistaprint, & Shutterfly. Each has some great designs for a photo card but none that I love and are in the price range. In a perfect world I would order our cards from Tiny Prints, they have the coolest designs, but sadly I cannot spend the big bucks. So all of this is to say I am attempting to make/design our own Christmas card this year. I may still end up ordering from Walmart, but it is worth a try in the search for great design. Here are a few of my inspirations:


Nov 21, 2011

Wedding Planning

Got your attention? Ok good. A couple of weekends ago Hubs and I got invited to head to Julian with our  favorite engaged couple Brett & Cara. Julian is the cutest little mountain town about 30-40 minutes from Escondido where Bobby and I grew up and Brett & Cara are getting married there in January. We left early Sunday morning and headed to the Pine Hills Lodge for brunch where the blessed event will take place. We had a great time exploring the grounds and making plans. Afterwards we headed to the Julian Hard Cider for some tasting. We ended the day at the Julian Pie Company for a slice and cinnamon ice cream. All in all a great day!
I loved the rustic details!

Outfit Notes
Sunnies by Rayban, gift
Jewelry by LEAH, Gorjana, and misc, gifts
Handbag by Balenciaga, gift
Tank by LaMade via Rebel
Denim by DL1961, gifted from showroom

Nov 17, 2011

Happy Breaking Dawn Day!!

Yes, I will be one of the many annoying people seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 tonight (tomorrow if you want to get technical) at MIDNIGHT!! My Momma, Tina, Tiffany, Courtney, and I will be the ones in matching bedazzled tee shirts.

Waiting in line for New Moon, 11.19.09
From the left: Ashley, me, Tina, Momma, and Tiffy
(Courtney was too young at the time)

Nov 14, 2011

I want these

Size 9 please and thank you.
Shop for them here.

Nov 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Photo Credit
So I never have any problem making a birthday/Christmas wish list. But this year I am really working on being less selfish and more grateful for all the blessings in my life. With that said, instead of the list of wants here is a list of things I'm grateful for.

  1. My Husband. Not only does he work hard to provide for me, he is constantly working to become the best version of himself. How could a wife not be grateful for that?
  2. My Parents. I have the BEST. PARENTS. EVER. PERIOD. They have given me so many valuable life lessons on love, marriage, God, and life in general. I would be nothing without them.
  3. My Sister. She is one of my favorite people (or is it person?) to hang out with. She is always completely honest with me. She knows all my faults and mistakes and still loves me. 
  4. My In-laws. I'm blessed to have married into such a wonderful, generous, and spiritually strong family.
  5. My Siblings-in-law. Nothing better than having extended family that you love hanging out with. Each of them has supported me in amazing ways and I know I can depend on them for anything.
  6. My Grandparents. As I grow older I have made more of an effort to keep in touch and spend time with them. It has been time well spent learning what they have to offer by way of wisdom and knowledge. 
  7. My Job. Thankful for a job? YES! I'm grateful to not only be working but to working at a place that is professional and allows me to be creative. 
  8. A place to live. This seems obvious, but I'm grateful for our tiny little beach studio. Sometimes I wish for a bigger space, but them I realize that I might never get to live this close to the beach again. So every time I feel like it is too small, I go walk for a walk on the beach.
  9. Living in America. For all its faults, the USA is a great place to live. Every time I listen to the radio or see an article online about what is going on in the world I am thankful to live in a country founded on Freedom and Christianity.
  10. My God. I don't thank Him enough for all that He has done for me. I'm constantly amazed how He continues to work in my life on a daily basis whether it be through prayer, music, or those praying for me, God is truly awesome.
I could come up with plenty more, but decided 10 was a good round number for this. Now I'm off to celebrate, 28 here I come!