Dec 29, 2010

Christmas in a Nutshell

I was going to title it "Christmas in a nutcracker" but thought that was too far a stretch. This holiday season was bittersweet for hubs and I. As previously posted we had to put our Turner down on Christmas Eve, but thankfully we were with family to help cheer us up.

 Later on Christmas Eve, Bobby and I headed over to his parents house for tamales. This is usually a large affair, but this year was more subdued. Just us immediate family. It was really nice and relaxing. After tamales we headed back over to my parents house for dessert fondue! The Kleins came over as well and we all enjoyed chatting and my homemade marshmallows dipped in chocolate. Before we knew it, it was 11:00 pm and time for bed.

The setup

Strawberry, Coconut, & Chocolate marshmallows!

My homemade marshmallows, recipe post coming soon!

Mom's beautiful table settings

Dad enjoying some sparkling cranberry juice

Husband caught me!

Steaming Hot Toddies by brother Michael

Poor Rock (FIL), my Mom is explaining to Teri (MIL) all her DIY projects!

Bobby and Karee (SIL) got bored and started playing cards, at least they can entertain each other.
 Christmas morning hubs and I were up bright and early at 8:00 am. We had Mom and Dad open their gifts first and then tore into ours. After everything was unwrapped, Bobby told me he got me a "small" gift. You might not consider this unusual but Bobby and I do not get each other gifts. We would rather spend the money on our friends and family then get gifts for ourselves. I opened a small black box to find a silver bulldog key chain. I started crying because I missed Turner so much. Bobby then asked me if there was anything else in the box, I discovered a car key to a Mini Cooper!! I DID NOT believe and ran outside to see if it was true. The rest as they say is history! I hope everyone had a VERY merry CHRISTmas with friends and family and found time to enjoy the true reason for this season.

Husband's fire, the picture doesn't do it justice

Mom and Dad with their gifts from us!

I had no idea what was coming


In shock

Dec 24, 2010

Our Turner Baby

This was when my Dad and I had just cleaned the carpet.

Today is a sad day for Bobby and I, after 4 and a half short years we have to put our beloved bulldog, Turner down. On Monday we he was diagnosed with cancer and he has gotten worse very quickly. It is kinda weird because I already had a Turner post planned, but today seems like the most appropriate day to do it. A sort of memory of all the joy he has brought us. Bulldogs are interesting pets, they are like stubborn hairy pigs. Turner was no different. Bobby and I loved to see all the funny ways and places he would sleep. We would laugh hysterically when he would burp or fart. During some of the hard times he was always a comfort, just a solid presence during our difficulties. My sister made a really good point when I told her about Turner, "We must be crazy to keep getting pets because we know they are going to die." I guess the joy out weighs the sorrow.We will miss you Turner.

Isn't he the cutest ever? His first day home.
His crate was way too big for him, but not for long!
Big pimpin for Halloween
So cute when he would perk his ears up like he was listening to every word we were saying.
I love it when he looks up at me with those eyes!

Dec 19, 2010

Another Style Post?

"Who does she think she is?" Not what you are thinking? OK good. ;-) So Friday night I had what I call insomnia. It really wasn't, my husband went to bed at 10 pm on a Friday night and I was wide awake so it felt like insomnia. Well, I ended up using the time to brainstorm about more blog ideas. I got kinda obsessed and the insomnia worsened. All I could think of was BLOG, BLOG, BLOG. So I decided to plan out my next style post. This one is in honor of William Rast arriving at Target!! I heart William Rast, I love how the designs are subtly part patriotic and  part rock star. Over the summer I was scooping up William Rast all over the place, from jeans, to vest, to jacket. I couldn't find the jeans (I'll find them somewhere) but vest and jacket were front and center. Next up my finds at Target!

Jacket by William Rast via William Rast Outlet Cabazon
Vest by William Rast via Nordstrom Rack
L/S Thermal by Target
Belt by Kim White via Rebel
Jeans by Sold Design Lab via Rebel
Boots by J.Crew (From Santa aka Momma)

My fabulous Relics by Tami Pearl Wrap! From my hubs on our 4th wedding anniversary. Check out her website here or come by Rebel! A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone!

Dec 12, 2010

Orange You Glad?

Love, love, love Jeffrey Campbell Delta flats, $79!

I have been on the hunt for about 2 years for orange ballet flats. I have found some, but they never seem to have the right toe or shade of orange. This year there finally seems to be tons of options! Now I just need to decide how much I am willing to spend. I love how they look with denim or army green skinny cargoes. Although there is always a danger of wandering into Halloween territory if they are ever paired with black. Stick with khaki/olive/denim bottoms and brightly colored tops. Here are a few of my top favs.

Tory Burch Reva Flat, $195, I love that the emblem is the same color as the shoe!

Not only is this a fab color but I the studs are darling on this Anne Klein Sport Sabriel flat, $54.99

These look so soft and comfy! Corso Como Festive flat, $60

Dec 11, 2010

Seal Beach Studio Part 2!

Valspar Paint! I forget what the color is called...

I'm back!! Sorry it has been so long. Life has been super busy and I have not had a whole lot of time to take pictures documenting everything. I finally got the studio into decent shape and am willing to share a few pics. About two weeks ago Momma came up and help me paint and decorate. It only took us a day since the place is so small! Although it is nice to simplify life, there are some of my favorite pictures, posters, and decorating accessories that will not fit, but c'est la vie!
We began by painting the weird cardboard tiles gray. They were such a pain to paint since they are super absorbent and you have to paint in all the crevices. It is much more soothing than the icky khaki color they had painted it. After that we added bamboo shades and hung them all the way to the ceiling to give the illusion of more height. Along one wall we added shelving for storage and to draw your eye upward. I had installed some rope lighting at the back but alas when we plugged it in one section was out! You would think that white, 18 foot rope lighting would be super available right now, but no. I am "on the hunt." ;-)

CB2 duvet, I love the orange flowers!

I collect these plates by Sara Cihat, I'm desperate for a hangman one.
Check out her website here.

A faux plant is always green!

Bamboo shades to the ceiling and an arc lamp. I want this one,
but don't have $339 laying around.

My favorite mirror, Target. Clearance.

Nov 26, 2010

My first style post!

Sweater by Vince via Rebel
Tank by LAMade via Rebel
Belt by Express via my Momma's closet! ;-)
Denim Leggings by Citizens of Humanity via Rebel
Boots by Frye via Rebel (but the boots were free!)

Hello world! This is my very first style post and I am absolutely inspired by all the fashion blogs out there. Some of my favs are Cupcakes & Cashmere, B. Jones Style, What I Wore, and Kendi Everyday. There are so many cool ones out there and I am always searching for new ones. So if you are a fashion blogger out there, I will find you! I love how these women mix high and low pieces. They could be wearing a skirt from Forever 21 and McQueen shoes with a thrifted sweater. But I digress, back to my first style post.
It was so beautiful yesterday so the hubs and I headed out to Kit Carson Park in Escondido instead of braving the crowds of Black Friday. I was in the mood for boots and a sweater and that is exactly what I ended up in. An impromptu photo shoot began and here is the result.


I love seeing all the thankfulness on facebook, twitter, and the blogs! It is so encouraging to hear/see so many people being thankful for friends and family. I feel especially grateful this year for my husband, parents, sister, and extended family. Also that I am an American and that there are brave men and women in our armed forces willing to risk their lives for my freedom. I guess the list could go on and on. Like many people out there, I am blessed. But on to the feast! The hubs and I headed over to his parents house along with my parents and his siblings. We had a blast just eating, catching up, and playing a very "interesting" game of pictionary telephone. Here are a few pics from the day.

PS I meant to do a fashion/style post, but I have been a little shy about putting my outfits out into cyberspace. But very soon I will gather the courage to use this as a style blog. ;-)

Bj making mashed potatoes.

Michael excited for the mashed potatoes!

Momma and Dad

Just relaxing...then someone had a great idea...

A little entertainment provided by Keenan Cahill!

Then dessert, I made 2, pumpkin pie and pumpkin layer dessert. YUM!

Pictionary telephone...trying to decipher Bobby's pictures.