Dec 26, 2011

Style Post: Sassy

Outfit Notes
Denim Shirt by Splendid
Bustier from my Momma! (She got it on Melrose in the 80s)
Denim by Rich & Skinny
Belt by Forever 21
Shoes by Payless
Scarf by Alexander McQueen
Necklace by Relics
Earrings by Leah
Sunnies by Raybans
I wore this to work and one of my sweet co-workers said, "You sure look sassy today!" Thus the post title. It must be my haircut but now I'm always looking for ways to "tough" up my outfit. Today it was a black bustier and skull scarf. Must be my good girl roots. Although I am in no way a tough and wild girl, it sure is fun trying to dress like one!

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