Feb 14, 2012

Our First Valentine's Day

Although Hubs and I first met our senior year of high school, we did not start dating until college. He asked me out New Years Eve 2004 so our first Valentine's Day came up quick. He planned a beautiful dinner in my parents backyard with tons of candles. We then listened to a cd of love songs he had made for me and exchanged gifts. It was quiet, romantic, and intimate. A day I will never forget and probably one of my favorite Valentine's days. We are going on our sixth year of marriage and we will have many more romantic dinners and dates, but that first one will always be special. Happy Valentine's Day Bobby, I love you.

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  1. so cute! my hubby was sick our first valentines weekend. but on valentines day he woke up early (6am) and by the time I got up he had returned with 2 dozen roses... from Target! and chocolate, a DVD and a CD. he went wild, lol :) I still have the roses. I dried them and frequently I add a drop of fragrant oil in their centers.