Mar 2, 2012

Las Vegas and Garth Brooks: Could there be a better combo?

Sorry for the poor quality! We were moving.
So I'm not the biggest country music fan. I got into it in junior high & high school and fell in love with Garth Brooks. I would sing Friends in Low Places and Two Pina Coladas constantly. It is only now that I'm older I understand the meaning of "let's all set sail with Captain Morgan." The album Garth Brooks Double Live is my fave. Something about a live performance. I was devastated when he retired because I thought I would never get to see him live. Not the case thanks to my fabulous Husband and Steve Wynn. We drove out to Vegas on Friday, taking our time, enjoying the ride.

Snacks are a must 
Love me some desert

The traditional road trip pic
 We cruised the Strip, did some shopping and ate some amazing food. On Saturday night we saw the 10:30 pm show which was amazing. It was like hanging out with Garth in his living room asking him about his influences. He started in the 60s talking/playing music that his parents listened to (Haggard and Jones). He moved throughout the 70s (James Taylor), the 80s (George Strait) and finally started playing his hits from the 90s. It was great, you really got a sense of where his sound came from. His wife, Trisha Yearwood came out and sang a few of her songs along with a duet. He also stayed later since we were the last show on Saturday night.

The Crystals 
Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi
The Fountains at the Bellagio, where Bobby told me he loved me and where we got engaged.
Anyways, it was a really fun weekend. We also got to spend some time with our Seal Beach neighbors who live part time in Las Vegas. They took us to dinner one night and shooting Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you, I'm lethal.

Guns are very serious
I was having a little more fun with it
The landscape was beautiful

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