Nov 23, 2011

Design Challenged

So I picked out a Christmas card design for Bobby and I back in October. Early I know, but I didn't want to be stressed come the holidays. When I went to order and pay for them, I realized I was spending almost $100 on Christmas cards! That is NOT in the Klein budget. So I went on the hunt for cheaper Christmas cards with great design. I scoured Walmart, Target, Vistaprint, & Shutterfly. Each has some great designs for a photo card but none that I love and are in the price range. In a perfect world I would order our cards from Tiny Prints, they have the coolest designs, but sadly I cannot spend the big bucks. So all of this is to say I am attempting to make/design our own Christmas card this year. I may still end up ordering from Walmart, but it is worth a try in the search for great design. Here are a few of my inspirations:


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  1. you can do it, friend! i always make ours and up spending like $20 to have them printed. much better than ordering from those sites. i love your inspirations and i'm sure what you come up with will be great!!