Dec 19, 2010

Another Style Post?

"Who does she think she is?" Not what you are thinking? OK good. ;-) So Friday night I had what I call insomnia. It really wasn't, my husband went to bed at 10 pm on a Friday night and I was wide awake so it felt like insomnia. Well, I ended up using the time to brainstorm about more blog ideas. I got kinda obsessed and the insomnia worsened. All I could think of was BLOG, BLOG, BLOG. So I decided to plan out my next style post. This one is in honor of William Rast arriving at Target!! I heart William Rast, I love how the designs are subtly part patriotic and  part rock star. Over the summer I was scooping up William Rast all over the place, from jeans, to vest, to jacket. I couldn't find the jeans (I'll find them somewhere) but vest and jacket were front and center. Next up my finds at Target!

Jacket by William Rast via William Rast Outlet Cabazon
Vest by William Rast via Nordstrom Rack
L/S Thermal by Target
Belt by Kim White via Rebel
Jeans by Sold Design Lab via Rebel
Boots by J.Crew (From Santa aka Momma)

My fabulous Relics by Tami Pearl Wrap! From my hubs on our 4th wedding anniversary. Check out her website here or come by Rebel! A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone!


  1. Hey Jen! Love that jacket!

    I don't think I'll see you until after the New Year, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Leah xo

  2. Wow Jen! This is a fabulous post! U look amazing! I love ur hair too.U inspire this old girl..from the 70' always reach for style..