Dec 11, 2010

Seal Beach Studio Part 2!

Valspar Paint! I forget what the color is called...

I'm back!! Sorry it has been so long. Life has been super busy and I have not had a whole lot of time to take pictures documenting everything. I finally got the studio into decent shape and am willing to share a few pics. About two weeks ago Momma came up and help me paint and decorate. It only took us a day since the place is so small! Although it is nice to simplify life, there are some of my favorite pictures, posters, and decorating accessories that will not fit, but c'est la vie!
We began by painting the weird cardboard tiles gray. They were such a pain to paint since they are super absorbent and you have to paint in all the crevices. It is much more soothing than the icky khaki color they had painted it. After that we added bamboo shades and hung them all the way to the ceiling to give the illusion of more height. Along one wall we added shelving for storage and to draw your eye upward. I had installed some rope lighting at the back but alas when we plugged it in one section was out! You would think that white, 18 foot rope lighting would be super available right now, but no. I am "on the hunt." ;-)

CB2 duvet, I love the orange flowers!

I collect these plates by Sara Cihat, I'm desperate for a hangman one.
Check out her website here.

A faux plant is always green!

Bamboo shades to the ceiling and an arc lamp. I want this one,
but don't have $339 laying around.

My favorite mirror, Target. Clearance.


  1. Jenny, I love love your new studio..It looks fabulous! I want to come over rignt now! It has a warm, fresh and friendly feel..Happy Christmas to you and Bobby!

  2. Thanks Sandy! More pictures coming soon, thank you for following my blog! A Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. I LOVE the duvet!! We've been on a duvet hunt for months and still have found nothing! Those plates are so awesome too! It's looking good Jenny!!