Dec 24, 2010

Our Turner Baby

This was when my Dad and I had just cleaned the carpet.

Today is a sad day for Bobby and I, after 4 and a half short years we have to put our beloved bulldog, Turner down. On Monday we he was diagnosed with cancer and he has gotten worse very quickly. It is kinda weird because I already had a Turner post planned, but today seems like the most appropriate day to do it. A sort of memory of all the joy he has brought us. Bulldogs are interesting pets, they are like stubborn hairy pigs. Turner was no different. Bobby and I loved to see all the funny ways and places he would sleep. We would laugh hysterically when he would burp or fart. During some of the hard times he was always a comfort, just a solid presence during our difficulties. My sister made a really good point when I told her about Turner, "We must be crazy to keep getting pets because we know they are going to die." I guess the joy out weighs the sorrow.We will miss you Turner.

Isn't he the cutest ever? His first day home.
His crate was way too big for him, but not for long!
Big pimpin for Halloween
So cute when he would perk his ears up like he was listening to every word we were saying.
I love it when he looks up at me with those eyes!

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  1. Turner..will forever be a cherished memory! I am so sorry! It is heartbreaking!