Jan 23, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I'm finally back. The beginning of 2011 has been good but very busy. On December 30, Momma, Dad, Bobmachine, and I all headed down to San Diego for the Car Show! We go every year but unfortunately my Sissy and her husband were up north. Hopefully next year they can join us!  We got there around 10 o'clock and got right in. After a quick trip to Starbucks for some fuel we were ready for the cars. Even though I already got my Mini it was still fun checking out all the latest styles. Our favorite, specially Momma's, was the Mini Cooper Countryman. It is their "SUV" version. Perfect for grand kids someday? ;-)

Dad is serious about his truck.

I don't think this Fiat is as cute as the Mini.

A convertible Murano by Nissan. Kinda looks like one of those amphibious cars in downtown SD.

Kinda weird in the back too.
On a BMW motorcycle, just like the old days.

Loved this history of the Mini.

Behold, the Countryman!

Did you know the Bully is the mascot of the Mini? It was meant to be!!

Bobby in the new Mazda 3.
Dad in his sweet new ride.

 Sunglasses by Raybans, gift
Blouse by William Rast for Target
Jeans by William Rast via Nordstrom Rack
Shoes by Mossimo via Target

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