Jan 5, 2011

Mad (Wo)Men

Best. Show. Ever. Period. Check out it out here.

Happy New Year! New Years Eve post coming soon, but in the mean time...So my hubs and I are completely obsessed with Mad Men thanks to his older brother Michael. (I gave you credit brother) With the last 4 seasons my interest in all things 1950s and 1960s has peaked. I can't get enough of the furniture, clothes, music, and art. Sometimes I wish was was in my early twenties during that time. Not the sixties though, not digging those hippies. But I do love the sense of optimism and modernism that seems to emanate from that time period. I am constantly on the hunt for mid century modern furniture (MCM to me now!). It is just so timeless and sleek. Of course nothing fits in my mini studio, but I'll keep looking for the future! Maybe this will turn into a regular MCM posting, oh the possibilities! ;-)

If Bobby and I ever buy a house, I am recreating this picture!

Maybe this will be the dress for said photograph. Find the pattern here, I'm thinking a Fashion Find "Sewing" post perhaps?

Cliff May. Enough said. Well maybe not enough, my fav MCM architect. Check out the interior below.

The post and beam, the windows, the open floor plan. What's not to love?

You can't explore MCM furniture without running into the Eames brothers. Genius. Rich geniuses if they were alive today. $3,000 for replicas!!

This poster would look fab in my Cliff May rancho. I could gaze at it from my Eames lounge chair. Check out this website of vintage posters on canvas. I discovered them at the Dwell on Design 2010 event at the LA Convention Center.

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  1. cute post Jenny! i love MCM design (especially the furniture). we always look at the cliff may's up for sale down the street...in fact, we have friends that live in one that is just gorgeous. one day. :)