Feb 10, 2011

An Addendum

"A thing to be added; an addition." Welcome to my addendum to the Seal Beach Studio!! I think it might always be a work in progress, constantly adding and subtracting. But I have some funsie additions to show you all! The best one is yet to come, unfortunately it is stuck somewhere between eBay and UPS. :-( But let's not dwell on the negative. Check it.

I first discovered this via 9 By Design, a design show on Bravo. They added it to an office. I was freaking out and my Momma informed me that it is vodka by Dan Aykroyd. Although I am not a big vodka drinker, I love the size and funky cork of this crystal bottle.

It is such a nice addition to my shelf. I am trying to restrain myself and not put TONS of knick knacks up there, but there are so many things I love to show off!

He is right above the entrance to the galley kitchen, very Pirates of the Caribbean. Enter if you dare!

Please ignore that little plaster chip by his right ear. A little DIY disaster and part of living with these odd cardboard tiles for walls. This beauty was given to me by my Momma for Christmas. She said she almost didn't give it to me because of what happened to my Turner Baby . But I'm glad she did, he gives me a smile every time I see this bottle opener.

This little cubby area is quickly becoming a mini bar. I just need to find a new place for my pink mixer. Decisions, decisions!

OK, 2 things in this pic. To the left, my pretty french tile hook. It was given to me by Sandy Maxwell (Hi Sandy!) at my bridal shower. It was actually a set of 3 but I have no where to put the other 2, so I picked my favorite one to put up with my apron. To the left is a metal wine bottle that houses corks. It was a Christmas gift from my Sissy (Hi Kimmy!) and her hubs, Zac. I LOVE it and as soon as I move that mixer it is taking its rightful place in the mini bar!

So with wainscoting it is difficult to have a headboard. We actually don't have a proper bed, just risers under the box spring, but it works. I have felt for a while that the bed looked a little bare. I didn't want to go the frou frou pillow route, so Momma suggested white European shams. PRESTO! Clean, simple and easy to make the bed.

I saved the best for last. EAMES HANG IT ALL COAT RACK!!! The holy grail of MCM coat racks! But you are not using it for coats you say! I wanted to show off its colorful brilliance, so I decided to use it for my jewelry. Although I like having my jewelry easily accessible and enjoying the modern colorfulness of the rack, I think it might be too busy. Thoughts?


  1. Wow Jenny!!! My name is in print!! I'm so excited..I love ur studio..and am a huge fan of on the hunt..I love all ur ideas..very inspiring..and yes..the coat rack is divine! I want one..Have a great day!!!! Sandy

  2. I love all the new additions! It is the perfect beach bungalow for two! Very simple, cozy and loads of style! It needs to go in a book...contact Apartment Therapy....

  3. Now we just need some beer for that bulldog to chow down on : ).