Mar 31, 2011

My Triumphant Return!


Hello lovelies! I have finally returned to my blog. Where have I been you might ask? Well, a new job actually. More on that later. Let's catch up first. Hubs and I have been working hard to spend quality time together. A couple of weeks ago we were in Esco and headed out to Daley Ranch. Check out their website here. It had been raining for days and without a cloud in the sky we were ready for a hike. It was beautiful and the surrounding mountains were covered in fresh snow. We had a blast cruising around and even stopped by the ranch house for some snacks we packed in. Enjoy the pics! I promise not go away for so long next time! ;-)

Bobby is ready to "test" out his backpack he got for Christmas

Husband pondering the ducks and pond

Cool buildings near the ranch house

A rare sight in Escondido

Yes, we are trying to be artsy fartsy

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