Apr 2, 2011

A Work in Progress

So, I love that the Seal Beach Studio feels slightly unfinished and is always a work in progress. Honestly I could redecorate on a regular basis but a lack of funds keep the changes small. There are just somethings that I am always on the hunt for. One in particular has been a white deer head. These tend to come in the large size which the studio cannot accommodate. You can imagine my elation when I discovered a small ceramic one on Modcloth! All I had to decide was where to put him. Next item I've have been hunting for (get ready for the irony) is a cowhide rug as seen in this post here. Of course my Momma, the ultimate hunter, found the perfect one that is ideal for our little dining nook. Finally I scored some LED candles with a remote. They are sit nicely on the our shelf and I never have to worry about getting out of bed to blow them out.

1 comment:

  1. really like everything you have done to the studio! I'm a fan of it all!!