Oct 3, 2011

Back to blogging and back from Big Sur

Campsite 21 at Kirk Creek Campground
Wow, where have I been? I'll tell you. Starting a little bloggity blog for work. A little thing called www.modernshopgirl.com has eaten up all my creativity and time. But now that things have finally mellowed out, I'm back in the saddle. Summer is over. To prove it here are some pics from our last vacation of the season.
Husband and I cruised up to beautiful Big Sur with one of our favorite couples, Brett and Cara. We had 4 relaxing days of exploring, hiking, sunsets, and good talks around the campfire. It was truly unforgettable and a great way to say good bye to summer.
No cell service in Big Sur

It's ok to still look cute while roughing it.
Plaid Shirt - William Rast for Target
Gray Indian Tank - Chaser
Cutoff Shorts - Joe's Jeans
Aviators - Rayban
Shoes - Puma

Rugged Coastline

Sunset first night

Headscarf - Alexander McQueen
Clapton/Layla - Chaser
Jeans - AG Denim

Brett and Cara
The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle

Elephant Seals

Fog moving in on the last day


  1. oh my gosh Big sur looks SO cool! haha elephant seals all laying there? I'd be so tempted to go pet them. SO tempted

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. Nice pics ! Great to discover your blog and style !


  3. Sister! So happy you are blogging again. I love reading your blog. I want to go to Big Sur, looks like a lot of fun. Hope you have a great day! I love you!!

  4. what an awesome vacation. and I love your hair.


  5. awesome pictures! love the beautiful blue water:)

  6. Thanks for all the great comments! I'm excited to be back to blogging!

  7. waow this looks amazing! what a view.