Nov 26, 2010


I love seeing all the thankfulness on facebook, twitter, and the blogs! It is so encouraging to hear/see so many people being thankful for friends and family. I feel especially grateful this year for my husband, parents, sister, and extended family. Also that I am an American and that there are brave men and women in our armed forces willing to risk their lives for my freedom. I guess the list could go on and on. Like many people out there, I am blessed. But on to the feast! The hubs and I headed over to his parents house along with my parents and his siblings. We had a blast just eating, catching up, and playing a very "interesting" game of pictionary telephone. Here are a few pics from the day.

PS I meant to do a fashion/style post, but I have been a little shy about putting my outfits out into cyberspace. But very soon I will gather the courage to use this as a style blog. ;-)

Bj making mashed potatoes.

Michael excited for the mashed potatoes!

Momma and Dad

Just relaxing...then someone had a great idea...

A little entertainment provided by Keenan Cahill!

Then dessert, I made 2, pumpkin pie and pumpkin layer dessert. YUM!

Pictionary telephone...trying to decipher Bobby's pictures.

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