Apr 17, 2011

On The Hunt: Bohemian Chic

WOW! Didn't think I would see bohemian chic again for a long time. But as they say in fashion, "Everything old is new again." I remember taking a class when I studied abroad in Paris (cue my sister making fun of me, she thinks I bring up living in Paris too much), but my class was about trend forecasting. At the time, Boho Chic was in full swing thanks to Sienna Miller. My professor made it very clear that trends swing in wide pendulums of opposites. I remember thinking, "I'll never repeat that trend again." Well spring is here and I'm desperate for maxi skirts, feathers in my hair, and a long floral dress to get me through summer weddings and parties. Here are some that I'm currently on the hunt for.

Nicole Ritchie in her own label, Winter Kate

H&M Floral Maxi
Winter Kate Halter

Theory Maxi

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