Apr 9, 2011

On The Hunt April 2011

With renewed purpose and a lot more time I have returned to blogging. In addition I have decided to add a "feature" I guess you would call it, On The Hunt. My goal is to do it at least monthly and eventually a weekly feature. It will include anything and everything that I'm on the hunt for. Here it goes...

I have been lusting over organization and office supplies lately. In a small space it is a necessity to be extremely organized. When I received my April issue of Dwell, I flipped for the organizational wall unit on the front. After perusing the magazine and some internet research I discovered Uten.Silo by Vitra. It could be mine for a bargain basement price of $350. Dang. I was already dreaming of everything that I could organize in those cute little cubbies. So I'm on the hunt for some sort of alternative, whatever that might be. 

Photo from the Vitra Site
 Next item I think I'm hunting for is a vintage dress form. The reason I'm not sure is it all depends if I can find a suitable alternative to the above organizer. But I think the dress form would add a nice vintagey touch to the studio. I would store all my Relics jewelry on it...and dream of owning more Relics. All I need for this hunting item is $495! Check out this bit of perfection from Etsy.

Photo and Dress from plainandelegant on Etsy
I may be a bit late on the oxford trend, but I am still on the hunt for a grey pair at a reasonable price. I might be persuaded to purchase brown, but not black. I think they would look so darling with some of my girly dresses and skirts. This pair by Frye is nearly perfect except for the price tag, although not outrageous for a pair of shoes, definitely out of my price range for now.

Photo from Frye

Now that I no longer work at Rebel (details on my new position and employer to come!) it is a lot more difficult to increase my modest collection of Vince. I will now need to hunt for a more budget friendly versions of the following. (From Shopbop.com)

Final hunting item is a clear plastic bag. What!?!? Yes its true. I need one for work. We are only allowed to bring in clear bags for security reasons. Not safety security but theft security, which is pretty SOP at most stores. Anyways...most of the bags look like little old lady bags. The type where the little old lady thought, "How cute and funny if everyone could see the weird stuff I carry around in my purse!" In an effort to avoid those kinds I discovered this beauty via this blog. Now I am praying for a ebay knockoff because there is no way for me to justify a $135 plastic bag to my husband.

Photo from HERE

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