Apr 15, 2011

Style Post: Spring Stripes

Sunnies by H&M
Watch via Ideeli, gift
Necklace by Anthropologie
Tee by Trouve via Nordstrom
Blazer by Urban Outfitters, gift
Shoes by J.Crew, gift
 Handbag by Alexander Wang, gift
(Lots of gifts in today's outfit, I must have a very thoughtful Momma and fashionable Santa!)

So I was really excited about this style post! I think the pictures turned out well and my outfit just sorta happened. But then I started to write about it, nothing fabulous or clever today guys. I can tell you we went to church, had lunch at In-N-Out, then came home for a nap. Nice little Sunday. Maybe its because I was starting to panic getting ready for church, feeling like I had nothing to wear and then I just put this on. Putting my clothes on took all my words, bummer. At least I felt like I looked cute and I got some compliments on my necklace at church!