Apr 27, 2011

Sister's Birthday and a little DIY

Not only do I get really excited for MY birthday but I get equally excited for my sister's birthday!! This year my Momma wanted to plan a special surprise dinner for her. Kimmy flew down for the weekend (her birthday is April 17) and on the evening of her birthday we surprised her at dinner with her closest friends. The only sad part was that her husband was unable to make it, he had to work. Along with the surprise Momma had the great idea to do cake pops as her birthday cake. She wanted a stand to hold all of them so we headed to Michael's. After some wandering the isles looking for inspiration we finally collected our supplies. Here are a few pics from the night and the process of building the cake pop stand!


  1. I love this! My daughter's birthday is coming up and I wanted to make a pop stand too since the onces in the store are so expensive. Thanks for sharing;)

  2. Thanks! It is super easy and fun to make!